Every field, every farm, every stream has a part to play in reducing flooding, water conservation and erosion control

Adaption to Climate Change

Erosion Control Measures

The objective of this work package is to contribute to a reduction in flood risk by implementing and evaluating Erosion Control Measures (ECM).

The information gathered in the first two Work Packages (costs, effects, locations and benefits) will help the partners to decide which measures should be prioritised and where, in order to increase adaptation capacity in the most cost-effective way. The investments will be part of a joint planning, implementation and evaluation process, brought about by transnational meetings, workshops, field visits, and interactions with the farming community.

Land management practices can have a significant effect on sediment runoff and so a series of pilot, field scale, on-farm demonstration plots showcasing best practice can help the local farming communities to understand the benefits and how to implement the changes. This will create a small network of demonstration sites that can be used to disseminate awareness and understanding of such features more widely. The measures will be accompanied with a suitable monitoring plan designed to assess efficacy over a multiannual duration. Case studies will be prepared and the sites used for demonstration.

Furthermore the ECM’s will be used to calibrate the sediment model, so that it can be used more widely, increasing the resilience of communities, agriculture and businesses. The sediment model will also be used to evaluate the impact of the ECM in the different catchments

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