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Adaption to Climate Change

Improved sediment model to aid decision-making

This is a transnational effort to improve, extend and globalize the existing sediment model, developed by VMM within the scope of an earlier EU Interreg project Scaldwin. The improved sediment model will allow targeted and cost-efficient implementation of ECM, so a financial evaluation of implementing ECM can be performed.

The first improvement is that the model is updated with more ECM (from project partners). Today the model works with estimated default efficiencies for different ECM. Field tests will be performed to determine efficiencies. The model is also validated for a real situation: small catchments with significant numbers of ECM will be implemented and measured.

Another important improvement will be the expansion of the model use to beyond the Flemish region. The model will be applied and validated in the different pilot areas of the project. Transnational exchange meetings are organised to calibrate the model based on the results of field tests by other Triple C partners.

The new calibrated model can be used as a uniform tool to evaluate the different investments in terms of runoff and sediment reduction for the different pilot catchments, as it is not possible to perform detailed expensive measurements in all catchments.

Finally the model will be introduced to farmers (organizations) and policy makers. The model can be used in the bottom-up approach as a tool to assist farmers in selecting the most beneficial ECM to be able to comply with policy needs.

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