Every field, every farm, every stream has a part to play in reducing flooding, water conservation and erosion control

Adaption to Climate Change

Water Retention Measures

The objective is to contribute to a reduction in flood risk by implementing and evaluating water retention measures.

The investments will be part of a joint planning, implementation and evaluation process, brought about by transnational meetings, workshops, field visits, and involvement of farmers. The information gathered in WP 1 and 2 (costs, effects, locations and benefits) will help the partners to decide which measures should be prioritised and where, in order to increase adaptation capacity in the most cost-effective way, and to result in maximum benefits.

A variety of Runoff Attenuation Features will be implemented. These are based on the concept of the storage, slowing, filtering and infiltration of runoff on farms. It includes bunds, drain barriers, wetlands and other storage features within and/or adjacent to the main channel. Changes in runoff and water holding capacity will be measured to quantify the benefits.

By having similar trials in differing types of catchments, the knowledge can be pooled and experiences shared, adding value to it. The differences will help to create a better compendium of potential solutions, with similar measures being tested in different scenarios and differing regulatory structures.

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